My Book: Lean Misconceptions

Why Many Lean Initiatives Fail and How You Can Avoid the Mistakes

Behavioural change is difficult but with persistence and an approach tailored to the people being coached or mentored true transformations can be achieved. Read more »

Working with your people to help them transform your organisation. Read more »

Do you need someone to motivate, inspire or challenge your team? Read more » 

Do you have the right environment, culture and focus but just need some technical knowledge? We can offer off the shelf or bespoke training to suit your needs. Read more »

Building Dynamic Organisations

Develop Systems & Processes to make problems obvious, Solve Problems Immediately, Learn Once, Apply Many and Leaders Developing People

Developing people not implementing tools

Helping your people to identify, analyse and solve their own problems

Focusing on long term results

Remaining true to the core values of Lean

Cordell Hensley

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