Consultancy is often sold on the basis of what the client wants, not always what they need. At various times we found ourselves making improvements in areas that were not the burning platform the business had. The folks on the shop floor could identify the problems but key individuals were more focused on what would look good to the bosses when they came to visit, what would look good in the short term.

Lean is not about short term results, it’s about sustainable improvement based on the culture of the business. So we’ve set out to do just that, deliver sustainable benefits and a true culture change where people are engaged & delivering benefits to the company long after we have left. Many consultancies have the mind-set of “get in there and make yourself indispensable to keep the money coming in”. Our mind-set is “we work ourselves out of the job”.

Lean is about coaching and developing people, not implementing a few tools and hoping the people “get it”. True there are plenty of good consultancies out there doing the right things & doing them well. We’ve joined that pool to focus more on re-engaging with those businesses who have been through the process before but just hadn’t been able to sustain the benefits or improve on them because the knowledge & understanding of what to do and more importantly why they should do it had not been fully transferred from the consultancy to the organisation.

In all of our engagements we focus on the 4 key aspects of dynamic organisations. Lean is at the heart of it, we just take a different approach, focusing more on people than tools.

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