Turkeys & Christmas

Mar 19 2013

Lean can deliver quick, bottom line results, however if those results are realised through a reduction in headcount, then the longer term benefits will most likely be non-existent. Why would anyone want to reduce their workload to enable the company to reduce the workforce which of course may include their own job. The intention or purpose behind the capacity increases delivered through Lean is to enable more sales and in turn a greater volume of work to be completed by the same level of inputs.

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Lean & the Balanced Scorecard

Mar 12 2013

Over the last few years I’ve lost count of the times I have heard the term “balanced scorecard” used to describe a set of metrics when in reality what they have is a mix of measures that they think are […]

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Nov 12 2012

Watching High Plains Drifter – a great Eastwood film and just heard a little piece of wisdom – “It’s what people know about themselves inside that makes them afraid” What does make people afraid, what is it we are afraid […]

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Loyalty & Respect

Jul 31 2011

Someone said to me once that you can buy loyalty – I would have to disagree – you can buy compliance, subservience or even acquiescence, but not loyalty. Loyalty is defined as faithfulness or devotion to …. – I remember my […]

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Jun 05 2011

My wife bought my daughters (4&7) some popadoms yesterday and when they had finished she was surprised and upset that they had left a mess at the table and on the floor with crumbs everywhere. I asked her what she […]

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Needs vs Wants

May 15 2011

How often do you hear someone say they “need” something which you absolutely can live without? I was in PC World with my family today picking up a new phone for the house – something I wanted but didn’t need […]

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How Much is Enough?

May 09 2011

Surely there comes a point where the cost of achieving greater efficiency/reduced waste/loss is greater than the cost associated with the waste/loss? As a Lean/TPM consultant I would never say so, but does there come a point when it is […]

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Apr 17 2011

We all love learning – or do we? I am currently sitting in my hotel room getting ready for a week full of learning, well that’s the plan anyway. If we don’t love learning, then I wonder how we plan […]

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Apr 10 2011

I watched a TED video the other day where General Stanley McChrystal was talking about leadership and he said that leaders need to allow their people to fail, without them being a failure. That struck a chord with me and then […]

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