Feb 02 2016

I often write about change and it being necessary for growth; that we need to embrace change, be open to it, look forward to it, etc. However, there is a finite capacity within our organisations & ourselves for the amount of change we can undertake at any given time. Local change, initiated & driven from the front line excluded of course, that’s where the focus should be. Here we’re talking about major corporate initiatives, driven from the top of the various functions.

Most organisations have multiple changes going on at any given time. A new IT system, processes changing to comply with new regulations, a new product or service offering to be developed &/or learned, etc. How much is too much?

How often do organisations look at all the change programmes they have underway? How good are we at truly understanding the impact of ALL the changes on those who add the value to our products & services?

In my experience most organisations are in a continual state of initiative overload or not far from it. Not that they are bad changes, but that they are trying to do too many things. Sure, we can do everything OK – but if we want to do great things, maybe we should stick to fewer things.

There’s quite a bit out there right now about individuals saying “no” more, about people reducing their activities to those things which are necessary and aligned with their vision & values – obviously (or not as the case may be) the same should be true for organisations.

What is your purpose, why are you there – focus on those things that support that purpose, that vision. Not everything that’s possible. You’re people will thank you for it as will your investors – you’re inevitably going to be more successful if you focus on doing the right things, in the right order, not just doing things right. And not doing everything at once.

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