Sep 03 2013


While there are many lists of qualities & traits that make a leader, in Dynamic Organisations, leaders definitely have one trait throughout the organisation, they all develop their people to do the first three things in this Blog series. To develop systems & processes that make problems obvious, to solve problems as they arise & to share the lessons learned from solving these problems.

Sure, they have many other traits, but this is the one that helps make these organisations dynamic. By developing their people to do these things, rather than having 1 or a few experts in process design & development or problems solving, they have many. Everyone is involved in the improvement of the business!

Capability within the team will grow as leaders pass their skills & experience on to others & allow others to develop their own knowledge & understanding of how to improve a process or how to solve a problem. Improving the business becomes part of how they operate, not something done alongside by some specialist.

By developing the people to think about work differently, creating transparent systems enabling them to identify & solve problems quickly, the workforce becomes the trouble shooters, all of them. Not a small team that flies from site to site or function to function; but an entire organisation focused on removing all barriers to perfection.

Sure, perfection is an ideal, not a reality, but there is no end game when improving a business. There is no stopping point, no time when you can say “that’s it; we’re good enough now we don’t have to improve anymore”. The moment you do that your competition will begin catching up to you & eventually will surpass the level you have achieved and begin taking your custom.

Think of all the examples of organisations that have sat back resting on their laurels thinking their position or performance could not be beat or was “good enough”. Only those who continue to challenge & push themselves to continuously improve remain in the lead. Dynamic organisations do this by designing their systems & processes to make problems obvious, solving problems quickly, sharing the lessons learned in the process & by having their leaders develop the people within the organisation to do these first 3 things.

What is your organisation doing? Are you a dynamic organisation or one that plays at it with a few experts doing these things while the rest of the business continues to stay the course? Business as Usual means continual improvement, not a dead end….

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