Mar 19 2017

Get up early & do your exercise, read business self-help books, practice meditation, limit your social media time, focus on 3 things, delegate tasks…the list goes on.

Throughout LinkedIn, Facebook and a plethora of other media outlets there are a growing number of lists of things to do to be successful, to be happy, to be effective, etcetera. While I am sure that there are plenty of activities on these lists that will help you, there are probably just as many that will not. This is because people are different & what works for one person will not always work for others.

The 1 thing I would say you need to do is to figure out what works for you, obvious right? This sounds simple of course and it is, it just requires a mind-set of “I have to learn this myself”. This doesn’t mean you must start from scratch and ignore these articles & lists. It just means, like anywhere else in life, there are no short-cuts. No easy answers that you can “buy” that will solve your problems for you.

There is nothing wrong with taking advice. Nothing wrong with using what works for others; be it other people or other organisations. The point of this, which I have alluded to in various writings of my own is that you need to be open to the idea that the answers will only come when you do your own research & find what works best for you. Whether this is for your own personal success or for that of your organisation. The sooner we move on from the belief that copying what other successful people &/or organisations do will automatically equate to success for us, the sooner we will begin to realise the success we desire, no matter how we define it.


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