Apr 17 2011

We all love learning – or do we? I am currently sitting in my hotel room getting ready for a week full of learning, well that’s the plan anyway. If we don’t love learning, then I wonder how we plan on moving forward. The world is learning everyday, at a pace that one can barely fathom if at all. There were several slide shows going around a few years back (and still I imagine) trying to give us a perspective for this growth in knowledge and the pace of it. (see link below for a selection of versions).

The point of it and this to me is about whether or not you are learning and if you are not, you better start. I am trying, I do better on some days than others but the point is clear to me – if you’re not moving forward, the world is passing you by. Learning doesn’t have to be out of text book (although some of us enjoy that believe it or not) but it needs to happen. How often do we pass up opportunities to learn and build our knowledge about something, anything.

Take some time out, think about how you learn and what you like to learn about. Keep moving forward and growing. As John C Maxwell says – if your growing your green, when you stop growing you start to rot (or something to that affect). Learning is growing, don’t think you can stop just because you’ve reached your destination. You may not think you need to move along, but I can pretty much guarantee that someone will be taking the knowledge forward. Keep up, or better yet, set the pace yourself.

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