May 17 2016

I’ve never heard anyone say they spent too much time planning & not enough doing, checking or acting. Last Friday I had to do some investigation (Problem Solving) on my boat’s engine. I knew it was something with the flow of fuel but wasn’t sure exactly why or where the problem was.

I started with the filter but after changing that it wouldn’t fill up, nothing was coming from the tank. So I kept digging further for the direct cause – the clogged strainer on the outlet of the tank. The issue here though, is that I pulled the entire tank out before I realised that the strainer would have simply screwed off in situ & would have saved me at least an hour & definitely some frustration & scraping of the arms. It was a series of do, check, do check, do check.

OK – part of it was just for fun – some of us like to take things apart to truly understand how they work and to get the satisfaction of putting them back together & hearing the engine roar! This will definitely save me some time in the future knowing much more about the fuel system than I would have had I taken the easier route and obtained more detail in advance.


The lesson? – I should have spent a bit more time thinking through what I was doing, investigating the easy way rather than through unnecessary disassembly. I should have planned my investigation more thoroughly by doing a bit more research or even, God forbid, talking to the previous owner (a friend) to find out the details of the system. But what would be the fun in that?

The pic? That’s my other boat…it’ll be a long time before I’m ready to discuss the PDCA of that project!


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