Shortcuts to Success

Feb 04 2014

We want the world and we want it now! Jim Morrison sang that in the late sixties, I’m sure there were plenty of people who felt that way, then, before & for sure there are plenty now. We want our […]

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February 04, 2014 - (0) comments - Change, Leadership

What’s your excuse?

Jul 30 2013

I’ve heard dozens of excuses as to why Lean “wont work here”. From “this isn’t manufacturing” (the most common) to “there’s something in the water here” (yes, I actually heard that). While it is true that lean has its roots […]

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Long term success!

May 08 2013

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not into football, at least not as it is played here in Britain. However, I caught a bit about Alex Ferguson’s retirement today and there was a key point in the radio […]

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Jun 05 2011

My wife bought my daughters (4&7) some popadoms yesterday and when they had finished she was surprised and upset that they had left a mess at the table and on the floor with crumbs everywhere. I asked her what she […]

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Apr 10 2011

I watched a TED video the other day where General Stanley McChrystal was talking about leadership and he said that leaders need to allow their people to fail, without them being a failure. That struck a chord with me and then […]

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April 10, 2011 - 2 Comments - Leadership